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MacRory.Com was a Macintosh consulting business founded by Rory Bowman and operating from 1998-2013, fifteen years to the day.

As described at http://www.linkedin.com/in/rorybowman,

[R]elease of the iMac and OS X created opportunities for someone with Macintosh and Unix experience. Changed company name from RoryBowman.com to MacRory.com, then incorporated in 2003 as Thrasymachus Corporation to bring on employees and function as a small-business incubator. Specializing in integration of systems for non-profits, individuals, small and micro-businesses, my primary job was to serve as IT department and small business advisor to people using Mac OS computers. I helped make sure that hardware, software, people and business processes all worked together to increase pleasure, decrease frustration and improve productivity.

Unhappy with changes in the direction of the industry, I gave one year’s notice and chose to shut down my corporation fifteen years to the day after my first business license, having supported thousands of users at hundreds of locations. In all that time I never lied to or hurt anyone for money, and never turned anyone away for inability to pay. It was an honor to have served and had the trust of so many kind and interesting people.

Some of the blog entries from MacRory.com are preserved here in case they may be of use or interest.


The “Mac Love Not War” blog mostly ran from 2005-2010 using the Movable Type content management system (CMS) and the tag line that “every hour in front of a computer is an hour away from your life.” It’s preserved here and may or may not be added to from time to time.

Current contact information for Rory Bowman is also here, online.