NeoOffice J

Rory Bowman of

One of the most interesting things about OS X for IT managers is the availability of Open Source software such as Mozilla and Open Office. Open Office is a longterm project designed to create a free equivalent to Microsoft Office, enabling non-Windows users and the poor to interact with their corporate counterparts.

Having tried various versions since StarOffice in 1999, I can honestly say that it hasn’t quite been ready for prime time until quite recently, and NeoOffice J is the best version I have seen.

Besides being faster and more responsive than earlier versions, NeoOffice J eliminates the dependence on X11 that many civilian users find confusing and intrusive. If you’ve been thinking about trying an Office alternative but haven’t done so yet, now would be a great time to download a copy and donate to make sure that these generous folks can keep it going.

Currently in a stable release for PPC chips, coding is underway for a new version to work on Apple’s new Intel hardware.

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