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Word Processing Basics

Most people think they know how to use a word processor if they can open Microsoft Word and print out a three-page book report or memo. To a certain extent, they are right, in the nineteenth-century sense that anyone who could write their own name was literate. Most people need to be more literate than that though, and most people could make better use of their computer programs. Understanding a few word processor basics can help appreciably, so this column will touch on some of the ways word processing is different (and better) than old-fashioned typing.
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Junk Email and Spam Abatement Strategies

Unwanted junk email or “spam” is a persistent problem for most email users, and usually gets worse. Since email is nearly free to send and there seem to be suckers born every minute to click on mortgage enlargement ads, it is just too lucrative to disappear entirely. Here are a few tips, then, to help you understand spam: where it comes from and how to manage it with intelligent junk mail and spam abatement strategies.
The trick to gaining an edge in the great junk mail arms race is to understand spam’s choke points and use them to build a layered defense of the appropriate complexity and sophistication for your needs.
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Content Management Systems

In an earlier article on content management I mentioned the importance of considering what data is most important to you or your business and finding a way not just to back it up and archive it, but also plan ways … Continue reading

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Understanding Program Types

I was at an industry-specific training the other day for computer users and was surprised that people who knew all sorts of things about multi-million-dollar deals and often grossed six figures had only the vaguest notion of what went on … Continue reading

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Apple Hardware July 2006

With the announcement today at NECC of the special educational iMac, it seemed a good time to provide a summary of the current Apple product line, as a reference for current and future clients. Please find this at, along … Continue reading

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Selected Mac Events for July 2006

Featured Events July 10, PMUG Gen’l Mtg on Ergonomics with Bev Burke, 7pm, Upstairs @ 721 NW Ninth Ave. July 13, Portland InDesign Users Group on Version Cue CS2, 6pm at TOC Management Services, Tigard OR 97223 July 25, Portland … Continue reading

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