Google Docs at PMUG General Meeting, 13 July 2009

One of the most interesting developments in software for small businesses over the past two years have been various “web 2.0” technologies such as blog software and “software as a service” options for collaboration such as Google Docs. These have the potential to change the way we work as much as local networks or the Internet did, and so I think it is important to help people learn about them, since these technologies offer amazing tools for students, educators, community groups and even people who don’t own their own computers.

As part of my goal to make folks more aware of these I plan to do several free presentations over the next few months. The first of these will be at the general meeting of the Portland Macintosh Users Group at 7pm on Monday, July 13, 2009. Please consider joining us at the Jean Vollum Natural Capital Center “Ecotrust Building” at 721 NW Ninth Avenue, Portland OR 97209.

Demonstration Documents for the Presentation

During the presentation I will make reference to a variety of links, which I’ll include below.

An Embedded Google Doc Presentation

Examples of Other Google Docs

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